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Humanics Ergonomics

East/West Symposium

Symposium on Zen Sitting and Western Seating

Technological challenges for a new world of Zen

East / West and Mind / Body Interactions

A Symposium held in November, 2005

Zen sitting vs. Western seating
ErgoExpo (2007) conference presentation

About the Symposium

Zen Buddhists practice Zazen training in order to develop calm and clear states of mind.   Chairs are a Western approach to induce relaxation and provide postural support.

Such distinctions between East / West approaches to stabilize mind and body are generating considerable interest among Zen temples.   This symposium aims to expand on our understanding of the implications of Zen, seating and seated posture – particularly for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Ascetic monks at certain Zen temples have recently started using chairs for Zazen training. These efforts are gradually expanding to the use of chairs by participants in Buddhist services at temples. This has led to an unprecedented interest in the development of chairs suitable for Zazen meditation.

This symposium provides an opportunity for priests, psychologists and engineers to review the range of perspectives and the implications of new research findings that are relevant to this new trend. The symposium will also provide a general overview of the issues and demonstrate Zazen (conventional and in a Zazen chair).

This Symposium topic is the first of its kind.  It provides a unique opportunity to expand on priests’ interest the development of chairs suitable for Zen temples.

Ergonomic seating and zen sitting postures
Courtesy of ErgoSeating Japan


Main Conference Room
Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering
Waseda University. Japan


November 28, 2005, 13:30-17:30

Program Chair:

Kageyu Noro, Professor
Waseda University

Program Committee:

Daitou Noda, Godo Roshi, Sojiji Temple

Yutaka Haruki, Professor emeritus, Waseda University

Reiko Mitsuya, Lecturer, Waseda University

Rani Lueder, CPE, President, Humanics Ergonomics


Shunji Yamada, Advisor, ErgoSeating Japan


Advanced Research Institute for Science & Engineering
Waseda University

ErgoSeating Co., Ltd.


Japan Institute of Human Posture Research
Sojiji Temple
GAP Japan, Inc.


English translation might not be available (subject to change).


Registration is free. Handouts are available as CDs at our own cost.

For questions:

Shunji Yamada   Ph/fax: 03-3204-0387

To register:

Please fax: +81-(0)3-3204-0387 at   ErgoSeating Co., Ltd.


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