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Ergonomics of custodial work (Donald Cohen, LA Times)

If you have trouble opening a file, try right-mouse clicking the link and save the file to your desktop.


Anthropometrics: Occupations

UK female firefighters (5 MB pdf) from CFOA.org

Anthropometry: Industrial work  (Marras & Kim)

Occupations & body sizes  (Oxford Press "facts")

Anthropometrics: Nations

SizeUK  |  pdf  11,000 British adults

Bodymetrics 3D British Anthro  11K pdf

Belgian body sizes from DINBelg 2005
150,000 Belgian adult body sizes

SizeChina head shape anthropometry
3D database head & face shapes China

Human force exertion  |  pdf   Daams, 1994
Search Delft University  thanks to Prof. Molenbroek

Hand anthropometry, women in India
Nag & Desai, 2003 (138k pdf)

DTI & U Nottingham PSTG

Strength report

Follow up reports  onetwo and  three
©2003 Berr (formerly dti.uk.gov)

Delft University

Human force exertion  |  9 MB pdf  Daams, 1994

Arm movements: rotary controls  |  pdf vd Vaart 1995

More projects  |  Search Thanks to Prof. Molenbroek

Anthropometrics & related reports
from US Army Natick and others


We OCR-scanned some of these to enable you to search key words. OCR scanning may change text, such as by replacing l & 1.

Some of these are very large. Try downloading right mouse-clicking to save to your PC

ADA224986: Correlation coeff & regressions
Part 1: Statistical techniques, landmarks & def

ADA224987: Correlation coeff & regressions
Part 2: Correlation coefficients. Male data

ADA224988: Correlation coeff & regressions
Part 3: Correlation coefficients. Female data

ADA224989: Correlations & regressions
Part 4: Correlation coeff & bivariate regression

ADA306904: Anthro & risk combat training 1993
Bell & Jones.  Injury risk 1993.

ADA316645: 1995 Statistical validation Marines
Donelson & Gordon. 12 Dimensions Anthropometric database matching.   1995.

ADA316646: Anthropometry male & female Marines 1996
Greiner & Gordon. 15 dimensions.  Natick TR-96/036

ADA292326: Analysis Army occupations 1997
Paquette & Gordon.  Natick TR-97/015

ADA317770: US Army evaluation 1988 data 1996

ADA324286: Whole body scans, 53 subjects 1996

ADA327698: Supplement to marine anthro data
Paquette & Gordon.  76 dimensions. 1996.

ADA304353: Analysis Army occupations 1988

ADA353852: Comparison female ethnic groups

ADA356431: CSERIAC automated anthropometrics

ADA206534: CAD & anthropometry 1988

ADA363279: Fort Jackson: Male and female
Men & Women in Combat Training 1988

ADA363598: Anthropometrics & physical fitness
Fort Bliss: Combat Training, 1989

ADA388330: Firefighter fitness wellness CSERIAC ’98

ADA388376: Muscle strength endurance CSERIAC ’97

AD 735101:   Anthropometry Naval aviators 1971

AD 740930:   Human Force Exertion Controls 1972
Thordsen, Kroemer & Laubach cockpit control design

AD 752032:   Anthropometrics Naval aviators 1972

ADA109270: Female vs. male size & strength

See also CAESAR anthropometry scan reports

Human Systems (HSIIAC)
IAC Anthropometrics

Ken Kennedy's cockpit anthropometrics site
(Virtual copy of Kenneth W. Kennedy's original
anthropometry website, uploaded with his permission)

ADA 027801 Int'l anthro variability & cockpit des
ADA 17354 Variable & cockpit geometry

The human factors public domain anthro databases at www.hsiiac.org from the US Army, Navy and Air Force was recently closed from the public.


US bottoms keep getting bigger (Media)

Overweight in adults  |  Facts  (NHANES)

Body Mass Index calculations

NIDDK’s  obesity stats & prevalence

Anthropometrics: Data & approaches

Databases  |  Landmarks

Excel: US adult dimensions by Tom Bernard

NASA:   Anthropometry & biomechanics

Virtual Reality & Simulation

Caesar database (SAE)

Lessons learned (500k pdf; Robinette & Daanen)
Civilian US & European Surface Anthropometry
(2.5 MB pdf; USARL-HE-WP-TR-2002-0169 Robinette et al)

Human Modeling reports:  University of Michigan

Related anthropometrics

Anthropometry & living standard  Thanks Mary Hansen

Anthropometrics of children  & disabled

Posture evaluation tools

Original & adapted RULA posture tools

Original RULA online  |  Cite  |  About

Office RULA  |  Online  |  RULA  Not validated

More posture tools

OWAS & screens from Tampere U.

Revised OWAS in CYBERG ergonomics

REBA from Tom Bernard

More ergonomic tools

Ergo tools from Tom Bernard   Often down

OSHA recc’d ergonomic tools  Dr. Bernard’s tools
temporarily moved here until his site comes back.

Body Part Discomfort (Corlett & Bishop)

NIOSH lifting equation & manual  |  pdf (4 MB)
OCR scanned 4 MB pdf  (OCR may –> errors)

Lifting & hazard tools Washington State L&I

Liberty Mutual Materials Handling tables

Job Strain Index (Moore & Garg, 1995)
from Cornell & NexGenErgo’s sites

ErgoEaser analysis software from DOE

NIOSH tool calculates farm child risk

Checklists from CUErgo Cornell  |  Nexgen

Nigel Corlett et al inventions
Co-invented BPD & RULA
Sit/stand seat from Univ. Nottingham IOE

Sit-stand seating review by Nigel Corlett

Stadiometer  |  Sewing machines  |  Paintings

Workplace ergonomics


Glossary of ergonomic terms   (postures)

Core muscles in the development of posture

Human muscles  |  Muscle tables

Gray’s Anatomy  |  Search Gray’s  |  Anatomy

Something’s afoot...

Digital anatomy  |  Overview  (U Wash)


Biomechanics research from Ohio State IOE

Int’l Biomechanics  |   Footwear Biomechanics

Physiological measurements

Interpreting electromyography (EMGs)

Measuring human strength   (Kroemer et al)

Stadiometers (compression / shrinkage spine)

Musculoskeletal disorders

NIOSH on MSDs & risk at work

Work-relatedness of disease  (NIOSH, 1979)

Musculoskeletal disorders & work (2001)

Work-related MS Disorders 1999  |  1998  NAP

WRMSDs by Tom Armstrong  |  Force

Medline:  hands & arms  |  back & neck injuries

Workplace ergonomics

Marxhausen’s RSI   (U. Nebraska-Lincoln)

Why training can’t replace bad design (movie)

Occupational Hazards  online magazine

"Ergonomic seating"  |  Vision  |  Keyboards

Hand tools design

Easy Ergonomics: Ergonomic hand tool design

Hand tool design  Kuijt-Evers, 2007  |  pdf  from  Delft

Laboratory ergonomics

Pipetting Injuries Cindy Burt

UCLA laboratory tips Cindy Burt

Hospital ergonomics

OSHA on patient handling

NIOSH on patient handling

Medline: Ergonomics & nursing (search)

Download presentation  (57 MB, zipped)

Dental ergonomics

Applications  |  European Society  |  More

Psychosocial factors

NIOSH blog: Workplace stress

Wikipedia on Organizational Ecology

NIOSH on shiftwork  |  Proceedings (2MB pdf)

Psychosocial research from Ben Amick

Psychosocial research from Peter Hancock

Quality of work life

Stanford Prison Experiment  |  Zimbardo

Psychosocial: Poverty & social class ($5)

Ergonomics & productivity

GAO:  Private sector ergonomics (2MB pdf)

Good Ergonomics = Good Economics
by Hal Hendrick (1MB pdf) ©HFES

Effects office intervention on MSDs
by Amick, Robertson et al, 2003  (400k pdf)

University Ergonomics Centers

Cornell CUErgo  |  Research

UCLA:   ergonomics.ucla.edu

U. Utah:   www.ergoweb.com  |  Forum

U. Michigan  |  MSDs  |  CTDs   by Tom Armstrong


National Academies Press
Read these NAP books online

nap.edu  |  Topics  |  Bookshelves

Safe work in the 21st century (2000)

Reducing the burden of injury (1998)

Changing nature of work: Occup Anal (1999)

Case for HF in Industry & Govt (1997)

Ergonomics in other languages

Google  |  Systran  |  Babelfish  |  freetranslation.com

Product ergonomics

Consumer Products Safety

www.cpsc.gov  |  Search

Search recalls by product  |  agencies

CPSC & Federal notices  &  regulations

Consumer Reports


Consumer Report’s Oyster Award
CR’s Packaging "Hall of Shame"

Consumer reports:   appliances & electronics
Free content lacks adjacent green dollar sign

Industrial Design Society of America


Human Factors

Product design


Elder product design

Aged & product design (simulations)

Unlimited by Design at U. Buffalo

Elder care  |   Alzheimer’s memory aids

Camera aids  |   Research  –  alt pdf download

Assorted, related

Cell phone driving ˜ drunk driving
by David Strayer et al  (1 MB pdf)  ©HFES

Human Computer Interaction

User-friendly web guidelines  |  Xchange

HFES website: member survey  |  pdf

HCI in CYBERG 2002 Proceedings

Keyboard, mouse
and alternative inputs

Alternative keyboards  (Lueder & Grant)

Scott Mackenzie’s input devices

Input devices: ISO testing guidelines  (Mackenzie)

Ergonomics & related associations

Ergonomics conferences

Ergonomics events

Int’l. Ergonomics Assoc. (IEA)

www.IEA.cc   |   Tech Committees   |   ECEE

Human Factors & Ergonomics Society

hfes.org  |  Draft HFES-100 Guideline

HFES Digital Library  Free for HFES members
Complimentary no risk 30 day trial for anyone else.

Tech Groups:  Env Design  |  Safety & NL

Ergonomics Society (Europe)

ergonomics.org.uk  |  Ergonomic links  |  Events

Indian Society of Ergonomics


CybErg online conference

CybErg 2005 papers  |  CybErg 2002  |  CybErg 1999

American Psychological Assoc. (APA)

www.apa.org  |  PsychInfo

Board Certification Prof. Ergonomics

www.bcpe.org  |  Certifications  |  Find certificants

National Safety Council

nsc.org  |  Unintentional injuries  |  Resources

NSC withdraws ANSI Z365/CTDs   |   Draft pdf

Am. Society Safety Engineers


Pub & standards

American Industrial Hygiene Assoc
Societies in Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Therapy

Scholarly Societies


Safety  |  Health  |  Psychology

Health and safety oversight

National Institute Occup. Safety & Health

cdc.gov/NIOSH  |  Search

Ergonomics  |  Workplace stress  |  Science blog

MSDs  |  Topics  |  Pubs  |  Hand tools

OSHA Ergonomics (Federal)
Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Executive Order exerts control over Safety

OSHA  |  Subjects  |  OSHA Regs  |  Compliance

Work ergonomics  |  Guidelines  |  Data  |  Nursing

OSHA warns:  Companies w/high injuries  (xls)

OSHA Ergonomics Rule: responses to comments
(Since rescinded)

State OSHA plans  |  State plans compared

OSHA Log 300 forms:  xls  and  zipped pdf

Employer’s rights & responsibilities (OSHA)

Employee rights & responsibilities  |  More  |  Also

Americans with Disabilities Act  |  ADA resources

CAL-OSHA Ergonomics
California State CALOSHA

dir.ca.gov  |  Regs  |  Search regs  |  Site

Ergo Std.  |  Physician’s guide to ErgoStd

Health Hazard evaluations

Cal-OSHA Reporter data & downloads

California Health & Safety Regulations

OSHA Ergonomics
Washington State OSHA

Find a law or rule

MSDs  |  Safety  |  A to Z topics

Safety & health  |  Tools  |  Search

LNI on Washington ErgoRule repeal

LNI’s ErgoRule: pdf  |  zip  |  Compliance
Probably the best of the ergonomics guidelines


BC Canada Workers Comp  safety
Ergonomics section  |  Ergo Regulations
Work Safe Ergonomics  |  MSDs (1 MB pdf)

European Agency for S&H at work

osha.europa.eu  |  Consumer data

Preventing work-related accidents

General Accountability Office

gao.gov  |  Find reports  |  Search

GAO report:  Worker protection

GAO report: Contractor OS&H violations

British Standards

Health & Safety Work Act 1974 (1989)  |  pdf

Computer Display Equipment Regs 1992  |  pdf

Health, safety and injury information

Bureau of Labor Statistics

A second look at BLS

BLS data  |  Injuries & illnesses

SIC code  |  As defined  |  More BLS

Assorted related

Economic consequences of MSDs

95% Workers Comp Connecticut unreported

Effect of unions on filing claims  (200K pdf)
written by Punnett, Warren, Dillon, & Morse

Workers’ Comp in transition nationally

MD drops "unusual activity" Workers Comp
Regular & usual risk factors had been allowed.
(So back then employers were not responsible
for chopping employees’ fingers if they did so every day?)

Background  |  Impact   (400K pdf)

Edison represents workplace injuries

PBS on Workers Comp

LA Times on workers comp fraud (43K pdf)

More questions about Workers Comp

Health & Safety Executive UK

UK: Work-related disease  |  Findings (3MB pdf)

HSE data  |  Disorders  |  MSDs  |  Stress

United Nations data

Population stats

New European datasets  |  EuroStat

Standards and legal bodies

Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturers

bifma.org  |  Ergonomics "Test for fit" (180K pdf)

BIFMA compliance photos  |  Evaluation

Am. Nat’l Standards Institute

ansi.org  |  Procedure  |  Search

Standards Resources & Organizations

British Standards

BS On-line  |  Library

German DIN Standards


European Union Standards

Current  &  draft European standards  |  pdf

cen.eu  |  Site  |  Search Int’l Standards

Search Ergonomic Standards

Ergonomics: Machine safety standards

Pers Protect Equipment  |  PPEs

Current & draft ergonomic standards

International Standards Organization

www.iso.ch  |  About ISO

ISO 9000 Glossary  |  EuroStat  |  9241  |  Search

Congressional legislation


Bills & resolutions (search)

Bills & statutes (California)

Free Law Resources
Guides  |  Resources  |  Search

Ergonomics publishers

Taylor & Francis

tandf.co.uk  |  e-Books  |  e-Journals

Elsevier Science


Assorted, related

booksinprint.com  |  Journal abbreviations

Ergonomics books from  Google’s library

More ergonomics resources

The Wayback Machine

Way Back Machine  |  Search

Medical research

Humanics Ergonomics health

HFES Online Digital Library

HFES Digital Library  (Free for members)
No risk 30-day free trial for everyone else

UCS Melvyl

U. California  |  Melvyl

OHIO-link library system

OHIO-link  |  Search

Public databases open to all

Library of Congress

loc.gov  |  Search  |  On-line libraries

Related ergonomics resources

Occupational ergonomics
Children & adolescents
Design of built environments
Design for people with disabilities
Medical, health & wellness
Legal, expert witness & forensics

Anthropometrics  |  Postures  |  Anatomy  |  Workplace ergonomics  |  HCI

Products  |  Societies  |  Safety  |  Injury data  |  Standards  |  Ergonomics info


Certificant, Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics

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