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Ergonomics accessibility


Disabled anthropometrics  |  ADA / standards  |  Disability statistics

Disabled children  |  Pediatrics  |  Medical search  |  Free medical journals

Proposed Rulemaking:  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & Architectural Barriers Act

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Accommodating people with disabilities

           for people with disabilities

Access Board research  |  Anthropometrics
Sample figure (reach)     |  Survey form used

Anthropometrics of Disability report
          from the RERC  Anthro Database  |  Project

UN Accessibility checklist  |  Anthro design checklist

Disabled Anthropometrics  in  RESNA   (Bradtmiller)

Anthropometric data for children and  adults

Simple ways to record disabled child development

HealthWrights accommodating developing villages

Anthropometrics:  Nations

Canadian wheelchair user data from Das & Kosey

Sitting pressures  |  pdf  Staarink 1995
Netherlands users: seated wheelchair pressures
More Delft projects  |  Search  thanks to Prof. Molenbroek  

Disability Information Resources


Assistive Technology Links Canada


United Nations
            Accessibility Design Guidelines

Barrier-free design  |  Disabled right

Accessibility  |  Urban  |  Architecture  |  Buildings

Checklists  |  Trouble-shooting  |  References

University of Wisconsin
           Trace Research & Development Ctr

trace.wisc.edu  |  Laws  |  Search Trace

Intro  |  Design  |  Principles  |  Ideas

RERC Universal Design  |  Int’l front

Accessible product design

Georgia Tech
            Tech Connections

AT programs

University of Buffalo
           RERC on Universal Design

ap.buffalo.edu  |  Publications  |  Links

Universal Design New York  |  Introduction

Survey: Universal Design from RERC

CSUN Center for Disabilities

csun.edu/cod  |  Proceedings (all)  |  2003



Federal Section 508
            & other Accessibility mandates

Summary  |  Articles  |  Access Board

section508.gov    Download 508  |  Facts  (zipped pdf)

Disabled Accessibility of Telecommunications

Laws  |  State  |  Federal  |  AT products  |  Resources

Intelligent homes

Assistive / adaptable homes

David Werner’s remarkable books
            accomm. disabled village children

About Healthwrights  |  About David Werner

Disabled Village Children  |  Nothing About Us

National Center,
            Dissemination Disability Research

www.ncddr.org  |  Library of Knowledge

World Association
           Persons with Disabilities


Rehab Eng. & Assistive Tech
            Society North America (RESNA)

www.resna.org  |  Assistive Technologies

National Institute
            Occupational Safety & Health

NIOSH topics  |  Developmental disabilities

U.K. Dept. Trade & Industry (DTI)
©2003 Berr (formerly dti.uk.gov)

DTI.gov.uk Disabled & product difficulties

More Assistive Technologies

Search Rehab research & reports

Wang Yu thesis: Voice tech (2003)  |  If down

Bobby Watchfire (web accessibility)

Bobby Watchfire discontinued  2/2008

IBM alternative

Low vision & color deficiencies

Lighthouse on colors  |  Text

Design for vision impairments


Housing  |  Rehab housing from HUD

Elder design

Elderly simulation design projects

Standards for people with disabilities

International Organization
            for Standardization (ISO)

ISO TC 159: Ergonomics  |  Subordinate committees

ISO/IEC Guide 71 (2001): Older people & disabilities

ISO TR 22411: Applic, ISO/IEC Guide 71 design elderly
International Standards Guidance on needs
of older persons & persons with disabilities.

US Dept. of Justice
            Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA)

Proposed changes:  ADA & Architectural Barriers

Access to Medical Care: Mobility Disabilities  New

ADA Accessibility: Buildings & Facilities

ADA Home  |  Regs  |  Guide  (4.5 MB pdf)

New playground rule  |  New or pending

ADA disabled  |  Enforcement  |  Also

ADA "Reasonable Accommodations"

Supreme Court rules disabled can sue  |  Justices

US Federal Access Board
          Accessibility Guides & Standards

access-board.gov  |  Publications

Section 508, Rehabilitation Act & technologies

Update, 508 Standards & Telecommunications

New rule on Playgrounds  |  Also

More Standards & Laws

resna.org  |  Assistive Tech Std.  |  Assistive Tech

California Access Compliance

California State  –  Title 24   (6.5 MB pdf)

ADA Title III vs.  California Title 24  |  pdf  (1 MB)

Texas Accessibility Standards


ICT Standards Board (Europe)
           Information technologies

Design for All Assistive Technologies

Centre for Accessible Environments


UK Disability Discrimination Act

Wheelchair seating standards

RERC on wheelchair standards  |  Background

Crash-safe wheelchair seating children (ASME)

Wheeled Mobility Research Ctr on Sitting postures

Disabled & ergonomics from  Google Print Library

Statistics on disabilities

Nat’l Institute Disability
            & Rehab Research (NIDDR)

NIDDR  |  Statistics  |  Search  |  UCSF search

Final Regs, School Stds 34 CFR Part 200  |  Text

Tables  |  Reports  |  Abstracts  |  Areas  |  Stats

Disability & Rehab Research

naric.com  |  Database  |  Find  |  Search

United Nations disability data

Human function & disability
Overview  |  Methods

Population demographics

EuroStat injury data (Europe)

            World Health Organization

who.int  |  Int’l Classification Diseases

WHOsis Library  |  Topics  |  Search

Office of Special Ed & Rehab

ERIC Education  |  Search ed.gov  |  Eric home

US Census search

census.gov  |  Download  |  Tools

Population Studies

Search  |  Photoshare  |  infoforhealth.org  |  Reports

Related ergonomics resources

Office ergonomics, etc.


Human Factors & Ergonomics


Medical, health & wellness


Children & adolescents


Design of built environments


Science & engineering


Legal, expert witness & forensics



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