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Environmental design resources

Wikipedia definitions

Environmental design  |  Environmental psychology

Andrews database built environment

andrews.edu  |  Search

Environmental Design & Research Assoc.

EDRA.org  |  InformeDesign database

Crowd safety


John Howard Soc. on  prison crowding

BCCLA: prison crowding  |  Crowding (pdf)

Confined spaces

OSHA confined spaces  |  OK State

NIOSH  |  Harvard  |  blogspot.com


Defensible space

Defensible spaces   3MB pdf book

Design defensible spaces  by Oscar Newman

State of Cities  HUD review


Wikipedia on wayfinding  |  Kevin Lynch

Spatial orientation & wayfinding Paul Arthur

Wikipedia: Cognitive maps

Wayfinding & culture Maps & security

Humanizing space

Public or private space?

Street designs and furniture

Window sills define community (NY Times)

Redesigning the "Projects" (LA Times)

Sacred and profane
Bathroom ergonomics

Rethinking squatting   |   Nesbit interview

Built environment: public or private space?

Bathing for elderly & people disabilities

Alexander Kira: bathroom history  |  Audio

Home in cyberspace

www.drivemeinsane.com  |  Controls

Cities for children
Children in urban environments

UNICEF child cities  |  Child cities database

Child rights  |  Topics  |  Search

Children participate  5mb pdf  |  UNICEF reviews

Child-friendly cities  |  Dubai  |  Israel (400K pdf)

Growing up in cities  |  Teens redesign cities

Designing cities & neighborhoods for children

Elder design
Designing cities for the elderly

U.N. Principles for Older Persons

WHO Global Cities Guide for Elderly

Simulated aging & design  |  More simulations

Genie Project  |  Map  |  Cases
More Delft University  |  Search   Prof. Molenbroek

AOA’s elder profile  |  Age map
Elderweb’s history of long term care

International Plans: Aged  |  Windows & elderly life

Creating safer & kinder districts to grow old   (NYT 7/18/2010)

National Academies Press
Read these books online

www.nap.edu  |  Bookshelf

Assess buildings, POE 2002

VDTs & vision 1983  |  Building ownership 1990

CABE: UK Commission
     Architecture & Built Environment

cabe.org.uk  |  Library

Institute Aging & Environment


HFES Environmental Design Tech Group

Original site  |  New EDTG  |  Newsletters

Int’l Assoc People-Environment

IAPS  |  New  |  Search IAPS

Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC)


Scottish Centre Environmental Design

Scottish Ecological Design Association  SEDA

Assorted, related

Int’l Tunneling underground environments

Design and crime

CPTED:  Crime Prevention
thru Environmental Design

Design out crime pdf  |  Secure design

Australian Govt:  Research  |  Guidelines

Florida CPTED  |  Virginia Beach CPTED

Impact of fear of crime  Schweitzer pdf

Built environment & health Jackson pdf

FBI crime:  2001  |  2002  |  Review

Violence from FCS Oklahoma State pdf

     . . . and walkable neighborhoods

Neighborhood safety & activity public housing
from  PLOS Open Access Medicine

Australian Institute Criminology

Design out Crime  |  Assorted

Preventing Crime against the Elderly  (pdf)

Crime Reduction thru Product Design  (pdf)

HFES Bulletins: Design & Terrorism

HF Homeland Security  |  Counter-terrorism  (pdf)

National Academies Press

Air safety (’96)  |  Ergonomics (’96)

Environmental design in academia

University of California, Berkeley

Center for the Built Environment

UC Irvine School of Social Ecology

socialecology.uci.edu/  |  Links

North Carolina Dept Juvenile Justics
        Preventing School Violence & Delinquency

CPSV  |  Library  |  Facilities  |  School Safety Pyramid

Population trends

Peopling the world

The Journey of Mankind
Bradshaw Foundation w/ Stephen Oppenheimer

US Census search


Population studies

Search  |  k4health.org  |  Population reports

Environmental design & federal agencies

     National Institute Occupational Safety & Health

cdc.gov  |  Air Quality  |  Confined Space

General Services Administration

GSA Facilities Stds  |  Court Design Stds  (4MB pdf)

     National Institute of Justice Research

NCJRS.org  |  Topics  |  Search

Crime prevention  |  Crime mapping

Revitalize Communities  |  download pdf  or   text versions

Safe Schools

Prevent Crime thru Env Design  |  Crime Maps

General Accounting Office (GAO)

GAO reports  |  Topics  |  Search

Transportation  |  Terrorism  |  Elections

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

fbi.gov  |  FOIA  |  Freedom of Information Search

Safe streets  |  Schools  |  Terrorism,  2  &  3

Environmental design and sustainability

Federal Requirements

GSA Sustainable Design  |  Report

Executive Order: Greening  |  Res  (pdf)

Health Canada

Safe environments & Health

Environmental Law Institute

elistore.org  |  Reports  |  Research

Department of Energy

eh.doe.gov  |  Health & Safety


Building codes

Int’l Code Council  |  Disabled accessibility

Building materials

Building Materials Center   Univ. Massachusetts

State Codes

California Title 24 Bldg Codes  |  3MB pdf

Related ergonomics resources

Office ergonomics, etc.


Human factors & ergonomics


Medical, health & wellness


Ergonomics for children


Design for people with disabilities


Science & engineering


Legal, expert witness & forensics



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