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Selected publications


Mostly books

  • Prof. Nigel Corlett and Rani Lueder (2013)   Sitting at work.   LuLu / International Press, United Kingdom.
  • Lueder, R. and Rice, V. (Eds.) (2008)   Ergonomics for Children;  designing products and places for toddlers to teens.   982 ps. Taylor & Francis (London, NY).  Contents  |  ’Look Inside’  |  Order   |   Credit card  (Amazon).
  • Lueder, R. Peer reviewed seven books relating to ergonomics for various publishers.
  • Lueder, R. Advisory Board member, ErgoSolutions magazine. 2003-2005.
  • Lueder, R. Executive Editor, Office Ergonomics magazine. 1984-1986.

Book chapters

  • Lueder, R. (2008) Authored seven chapters in her edited book Ergonomics for Children; designing products & places for toddlers to teens.  Taylor & Francis (London, NY) July.  Contents  |  ’Look Inside’  |  Order   |   Credit card orders  (Amazon).
  • Introduction: Rani Lueder & Valerie Berg Rice (dedicated to Cheryl Bennett's memory)
  • Physical development in children & adolescents and age-related risks: Rani Lueder
  • Designing products for children: Valerie Berg Rice & Rani Lueder
  • Children in vehicles: Rani Lueder
  • School furniture for children: Alan Hedge & Rani Lueder
  • Designing cities and neighborhoods for children: Rani Lueder
  • Children and wayfinding: Gary L. Allen, Rani Lueder & Valerie Berg Rice
  • Introduction and overview (Kageyu Noro & Rani Lueder)
  • Adjustability in context. (Rani Lueder)
  • Does it matter that people are shaped differently, yet backrests are built the same? (Rani Lueder, E. N. Corlett, C. Danielson, G.C. Greenstein, J. Hsieh, R. Phillips & Designworks/USA)
  • Lueder, R. (1992) Work postures. In: Sweere, J. (Ed.) Chiropractic Family Practice Aspen.
  • Lueder, R. (1990) Workspace design. In: Alexander, D. and Pulat, M. (Eds.) Industrial Ergonomics: Case Studies. Institute of Industrial Engineers (The Society).

Society publications

  • Lueder, R. (2013) Unintentional injuries in young children at home.  V.G. Duffy (Ed.): DHM/HCII 2013, Part I, LNCS 8025. p. 348—354. Springer Publisher, Heidelberg. HCI Intl / 15th Annual Conference on Human Computer Interaction.
  • Noro, K., Naruse, T., Lueder, R., Nao-i, N. & Kozawac, M. (2012) Application of Zen sitting principles to microscopic surgery seating.  J Applied Ergonomics. 43(2), 308-319.
  • Lueder, R. (2010) Through the rear view mirror: Ergonomics for children.  Bulletin, Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. October, 2010. download pdf
  • Lueder, R., Gardner-Bonneau, D., Rogers, W.A. & Charness, N. (2010) Rethinking elder design. 54th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. San Francisco. Sept. 27 - October 1, 2010. 54(9), 708.
  • Smith, T.J., Bridger, B., Fostervold, K.I., Jacobs, K., Lueder, R., & Straker, L. (2009) The Future of Ergonomics in Children's Education. IEA 2009. The 17th World Congress in Ergonomics. August 9 - 14, 2009. Beijing, China.
  • Lueder, R. (2008) Evaluating Elder Design. Industrial Engineer; a publication of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. October.
  • Rice, V., Hendrick, H., Jacobs, K., Lueder, R., Pauls, J., Wogalter, M. & Bazley, C. (2008) Ergonomics for Children: The way forward. 52nd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. NY, NY. Sept. 2008. 52(11), 758-762.
  • Noro, K., Lueder, R., Yamada, S., Fujimaki, G., Oyama, H. & Hashidate, Y. (2006) Cross-cultural aspects of sitting. 50th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. San Francisco, CA. Oct. 16-20. 50(7). 814-821.
  • Lueder, R. (2003)   HFES Task Force / member survey Activities of the committee she chaired on the HFES website and policies.  Bulletin of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. September. 46(9), front page.
  • Lueder, R. (2001) Advanced workstation concepts. 45th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. Minneapolis, Minn. Oct. 8-12. 45(10), 806-807.
  • Lueder, R. (1999)  Book Review of The Chair, by Galen Cranz. Ergonomics in Design: The magazine of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. April.
  • Lueder, R. & Allie, P. (1999) Chairs with armrests.  43rd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. Houston, TX. Sept. 27-Oct. 1. 43(8), 579-583.
  • Co-authored two articles with the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic  (LACC):
  • Intra-examiner reliability using the flexicurve to determine lumbar lordosis, sagittal mobility and range of motion.  Proceedings, International Chiropractic Conference. May 1997.
  • Can changes in stature result from sitting at different lumbar support depths?  Proceedings, International Chiropractic Conference. May 1997.
  • Paul, R., Lueder, R., Selner, A. & Limaye, J. (1996) Impact of new input technology on design of chair arm rests: Investigation of keyboard and mouse.  40th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sept 2-6, 1996. 40(7),  380-384.
  • Lueder (1996) Invited response on Cal/OSHA’s ergonomics draft. Bulletin of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society.  Dec. 1996.
  • Lueder, R. (1991) Developing ergonomic standards: Plans, procedures & pitfalls. Office Journal. 2.
  • Lueder, R. (1986)  Seat height revisitedBulletin, Human Factors Society. 29 (11), 4-5. ©HFES 2003.
  • Lueder, R. (1985) The economics of furniture adjustability. American Federation Information Processing Societies. Feb., 105-113.
  • Price, D. & Lueder, R. (1980) Union and management attitudes towards safety and OSHA. J. Safety Research. 12(3), 99-106.

Other publications

  • Lueder, R. (2003) Are Children just Little Adults? Child growth, development and age-related risk. ErgoSolutions. Dec.  |  htm  |  pdf
  • Lueder, R. (2003) Children and Injury Risk.  Association for Repetitive Motion Syndromes. 35(3), 4 & 11.
  • Lueder, R. (1996) Workplace Quality Control. Workplace Ergonomics. Jan./Feb., 22-24.
  • Lueder, R. (1995) Ergonomics in Today’s Office. Knoll Extra. March, 8-10.
  • Lueder, R. (1994) Workplace Ergonomics: Getting the basics. ASID Reporter. Sept./Oct., 19-20.
  • Lueder, R. (1992) Revisiting ANSI. The American National Standards Institute. VDT News. Jan/Feb.
  • Lueder, R. (1991) Developing Ergonomic Standards: Plans, procedures & pitfalls. Office J. Spring.
  • Lueder, R. (1990) Human Factors in the Design of Health Care Equipment. Medical Design & Manufacturing West Conference & Exposition Proceedings. Jan.
  • Lueder, R. (1985) The art and science of ergonomics. Institute of Business Designers v. 9.
  • Lueder, R. (1985) Computer-Aided Design. Office Ergonomics. 2(1), 21.
  • Lueder, R. (1985) How to get the most out of your client-consultant relationship. Office Ergonomics Review. 2(1), 21.
  • Lueder, R. (1985) The economics of furniture adjustability. Am. Federation Information Processing Societies. Feb., 105-113.
  • Lueder, R. (1985) How to use computers without keyboards. Office Ergonomics. 2(1), 22-24.
  • Lueder, R. (1985) The Human Factors of underground work environments (review). Office Ergonomics Review. 2(2), 12-13.
  • Lueder, R. (1985) Keyboard design. Computing Now Feb.
  • Published many other articles in IBD, CTD News, VDT News, Office Ergonomics Review, etc.


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