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Selected projects


Selected projects

  • Providing Human Factors and Ergonomics expert witness consulting for attorneys.

Includes product evaluations, ergonomics for children and adolescents, accommodating disabled people in the workplace and evaluating compliance of public buildings with ADA / Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Participating as part of the US team of experts on the International Organization for Standardization guideline ISO/TC 159/WG 2, "Ergonomics for people with special requirements" in standards development.

This guideline provides ergonomics data and guidance for standards developers for the application of ISO/IEC Guide 71 to products and services to address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities.

  • Adjunct Faculty, Human Factors & Design Psychology (APP-202) at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (2006 – 2013).
  • Presented an extended series of workshops on Lifespan Ergonomics in Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands for a Peregrine Medical Conference Feb. 22-March 10, 2010.   View program  750kdownload pdf.
  • Consulted on a broad range of projects for the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH).

Efforts included reviewing the research on musculoskeletal risk among adolescents who work on farms or in agriculture. Assisted with the development of on-line safety training and biomechanics assessment tools for farm youth for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website.

  • Evaluating compliance with ergonomics guidelines and standards.

See also photos and sample compliance review ANSI/HFES-100-2007 and BIFMA Ergonomics Guideline G1-2002.

  • Since 1988, continuing to consult on an extended annual retainer on product design ergonomics for a range of organizations in Japan that have included ErgoSeating Japan, the University of Waseda and the government-sponsored Japan Institute of Human Posture Research.
  • Oversaw an industrial ergonomics evaluation for a South Carolina Michelin Tires plant. Developed industrial training programs for management and first line employees.
  • Consulted for a leading manufacturer on an in-depth and multi-dimensional analysis of child capabilities.  Included biomechanics / physiological research.
  • Chaired Task Force for the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society on the human factors and ergonomics content and services on their web site as it is now and over the short (one year) to long (five-year) term.   |   HFES Bulletin summary (160k pdf)   ©HFES

Participated as lead ergonomist in their nation-wide labor-management committee. Also participated in assessments, nationwide training and workplace evaluations (1992 – 2002). Analyzed data from their nation-wide survey.

  • Consulted for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on alternative keyboards.
  • Conducted large scale assessments for a range of organizations, including PG&E (state-wide), Pacific Bell Directories (six sites), Hewlett Packard, GTE (Los Angeles), and others. Directed the redesign of K-CBS News.
  • Conducted a biomechanics analysis (EMG & video digitizing) on arm support & armrest design.

Conducted research using the stadiometer to evaluate the effectiveness of an orthopedic device for reducing loads on the spine.

  • Member of standards committee responsible for revising American National Standards Institute Guidelines for VDT workstations (ANSI HFES 100-2007).


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