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Selected presentations


Selected presentations

  • Panel speaker, Forensics of Human Factors in child injury cases.  Meeting of the Internationally Ergonomics Association (IEA) and the Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. Chicago. Oct. 27-31 2014. Abstract 802k download pdf.
  • Invited Speaker, Unintentional injuries in children.  HCI International / 15th Annual Conference on Human Computer Interaction 2013. Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 21-26
  • Invited Speaker, Protecting the public from industry.  16th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference. Dallas, Texas, March 18-22, 2013.
  • Adjunct Faculty, Human Factors and Product Design.  Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California (2006 through 2012).
  • Moderator, Designing products for an aging workforce. National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition (NECE). Las Vegas, Nov. 2010.
  • Chair and Panelist, Rethinking elder design.  54th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. San Francisco. Sept. 27-Oct. 1 2010.
  • Keynote Speaker. Presented a series of workshops on Lifespan Ergonomics in Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands for Peregrine Medical Conference, Feb. 22-March 10, 2010.   Program 750k download pdf.
  • Member, ErgoExpo Advisory Board for NECE National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition (1999 – present).
  • Invited participant, Children and product ergonomics.  52nd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. New York. September 2008.
  • Invited speaker, Ergonomic considerations in seated work activities.   Preventing & Managing Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders: Current Research & Ergonomics Programs that Work.  Cosponsored Conference of COHSE / Center for Occupational Health & Safety Engineering at the University of Michigan and UCLA / University of California at Los Angeles. Los Angeles, June 24-25, 2008.  |  pdf
  • Master juror for the Architecture Plus Awards II in Dubai (delayed).
  • Invited panelist discussant, Worker performance and workplace design . 51st Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. Baltimore. Oct. 2007.
  • Invited speaker, Advances in Ergonomics for Children.  Promotion of Health and Well-being through Ergonomics in Japan.   2007 Conference of the Japan Society of Human Well-being. Chubu Gakuin University. Gifu, Japan. Nov. 2007.
  • Co-presented workshop, Accommodating Service Jobs in Challenging Environments.  ErgoExpo National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition. Las Vegas. Dec. 2006.  (with Cynthia Burt OTR/L).
  • Co-chaired panel session with Dr. Kageyu Noro, Cross-cultural aspects of posture.  50th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. San Francisco. Oct. 2006.
  • Organizing committee member, Japan Symposium about Zen sitting and Western seating in Japan.  Sponsored by Waseda University and ErgoSeating Japan Tokyo, Japan. Nov. 2005.
  • Facilitated ErgoExpo ErgoSchool, Ergonomics and Disability Compliance.  ErgoExpo National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition. Las Vegas. Nov. 2005.
  • Invited speaker, Behavioral ergonomicsSouthern California American Industrial Hygiene Association & the American Society of Safety Engineers. Long Beach, California. Oct. 2005.
  • Invited panel speaker in workshop chaired by Cindy Burt, CPE. Revisiting Ergonomics Training.  Applied Ergonomics Conference 2005. New Orleans, Louisiana. March 2005.
  • Moderator, workshop panel on How to Avoid Ergonomics Training Blunders.  ErgoExpo National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition. Las Vegas, Nevada. Dec. 2004.
  • Facilitated ErgoSchool, Managing Large Scale Office Ergonomics Programs.  ErgoExpo National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition. Las Vegas. Dec. 2003.
  • Presented workshop on Working Postures.  University of Waseda Conference. Tokyo, 2002.
  • Presented workshop on Ergonomics for Children and Adolescents with Cindy Burt, OTR/L.   ErgoExpo, National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition. Las Vegas. Dec. 2002.   Workshop slides
  • Facilitated ErgoSchool workshop on Office Ergonomics. ErgoExpo. Las Vegas. Dec. 2002. The National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition.
  • Invited Chair, Impact of the Built Environment on Crime and InjuryHuman Factors & Ergonomics Convention. Baltimore, Oct. 2002.
  • Invited Speaker on Seated Posture.   International Symposium on Seating. Sponsored by Waseda University & the International Institute of Human Posture Research. Tokyo, Japan. April 2002.
  • On invitation, presented workshop on Sitting Posture and Seating. ErgoExpo, The National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition. Las Vegas, Dec. 2001.
  • Invited Panel Chair & presenter, Postures and High-tech WorkAnnual Human Factors & Ergonomics Society Convention. Sept. 2001.
  • Invited Panel Chair on Advanced Workstation ConceptsAnnual Human Factors & Ergonomics Society Convention. Sept. 2001.
  • Invited Panel Chair on Ergonomic Workplace InterventionsErgoExpo. Las Vegas Dec. 2000.
  • Invited Panel Chair on High-tech Ergonomic InterventionsErgoExpo. Las Vegas Dec. 2000.
  • Panel Speaker, Sitting Postures at WorkInternational Ergonomics Association Convention. San Diego 2000.
  • Lueder, R and Allie, P. Chairs with Armrests: Ergonomic Design IssuesHuman Factors & Ergonomics Convention. Houston, 1999.
  • Invited Panel Chair, workshop on When the Cure is Worse than the Disease: Pros and cons of commonly used ergonomics productsNational Ergonomics Expo. Dec. Anaheim 1999.
  • Invited Panel Chair, workshop on Aftermath of Ergonomics TrainingNational Ergonomics Expo. Dec. Anaheim 1999.
  • Invited Speaker, Design of Attorney Work Stations11th Annual Occupational Safety & Health Conference (COEH). Oakland, August 1998.
  • Speaker, Chair & InterPlan Conference, InterPlan, New York, Nov. 1997.
  • InterPlan Conference Advisory Board (Designer’s Saturday, New York), 1995-1997.
  • Speaker, NEOCON. Knoll Showroom, Chicago, June 1997.
  • Speaker and Chair, InterPlan. New York, Nov. 1996.
  • Speaker, Chair & Conference Advisor.  InterPlan. New York, Nov. 1995.
  • Key Speaker, ErgoCon ’95. San Jose, Oct. 1995.
  • Speaker and Chair, World Workplace ’95. Miami, Sept. 1995.
  • Workshop, Am. Society of Interior Designers Chapter. Albuquerque, Sept.1996.
  • Speaker, ErgoCon ’95. Atlanta, April 1995.
  • Speaker, Ergonomics Expo on Workplace Injuries. Atlanta, April 1995.
  • Workshop, American Society of Interior Designers Chapter. San Antonio, August 1994.
  • Speaker, National Office Products Association Conference. San Diego, April 1993.
  • Speaker, WestWeek Seminar Series. Steelcase, Los Angeles, March 1993.
  • Speaker, University of Wisconsin Ergonomics Workshop. Oct. 1992.
  • Speaker, Conference on Work with Visual Display Units. Berlin, Sept. 1992.
  • Speaker, Conference on Workplace Safety. Cornell University, June 1992.
  • Speaker, NIOSH Symposium VDTs & Health. Cincinnati, April & July 1992.
  • Presenter, Ergonomics Legislation, Pacific Design Center. Oct. 1991, Los Angeles.
  • Keynote Speaker, Japan Institute of Human Posture Research. San Francisco, Sept. 1991.
  • Keynote Speaker, Office HazardsUS Federal Courts. Newport Beach, August 1991.
  • Keynote Speaker, Conference of The Computer Injury Network. Los Angeles, Jan. 1991.
  • Keynote Speaker, Conference of The Computer Injury Network. Los Angeles, May 1991.
  • Presented workshops on Repetitive Strain Injury to Design Associations in six cities in Canada (Nov. 1990) & four cities in California (May 1991).
  • Chair, Ergonomics. Fifth Engineering Workstation Conference. Los Angeles, Oct. 1990.
  • Speaker, Human Factors in Health CareMedical Design & Manufacturing West Conference. Anaheim, Jan. 1990.
  • Key Speaker, The Future of WorkHuman Factors Society Chapter. Los Angeles, Nov. 1989.
  • U.S. Organizing Chair & Presenter. Second International Symposium on Seating. Tokyo, Nov. 1989. Sponsored by the Japanese government.
  • Chair, Managing Work EnvironmentsAnnual Human Factors Convention. Anaheim, Oct. 1988.
  • Chair, Ergonomics in DesignHuman Factors Convention. New York, Oct., 1987.
  • Speaker, NIOSH Office Symposium. Cincinnati, April, 1987.
  • Speaker, Tomorrow’s WorkDesigners’ Saturday. New York City, Oct. 1986.
  • Speaker & Moderator, Office ErgonomicsNEOCON 18. Chicago, June 1986.
  • Tutorial Speaker, Human Factors Annual Convention. Dayton, Sept. 1986.
  • Speaker, Architectural Research Centers Consortium. Washington DC, April 1985.
  • Speaker, Am. Fed. of Information Processing Societies. Atlanta, Feb. 1985.
  • Invited Speaker, NIOSH Symposium on Office Hazards. Seattle, May 1984.
  • Speaker, Human Factors & WorkHuman Factors Annual Convention. Norfolk, Oct. 1983.
  • Speaker, BIFMA Conference on Productivity. Chicago, Sept. 1983.
  • Speaker, Ergonomics & ArchitectureHuman Factors Convention. Seattle, Oct. 1982.
  • Speaker, Design for Extravehicular ActivityAnnual Conference, Human Factors Association of Canada. Toronto, Oct. 1981.
  • Speaker, You mean I have to live up there? Human factors in Space Craft DesignEnvironmental Design Conference of the Human Factors Society. Seattle, June 1981.
  • Also presented well over 150 seminars and workshops to corporations and government agencies and lectured at colleges (UC Irvine, Art Center College of Design, fourteen Colleges of Chiropractic) Human Factors Conference/Conventions, facilities conferences (Tradeline, Office Planners and Users Group), computer expositions (Office Technology Conference, Office Automation Conference, Office Workstation Conferences), etc.


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