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We need to move,  but not all sitting postures and movements are the same

Book review

Ergonomics seating book Hard Facts about Soft Machines the ergonomics of seating, publisher Taylor & Francis

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Hard Facts About Soft Machines: The ergonomics of seating
Edited by Rani Lueder and Kageyu Noro
December 1994
457 pages, incl. illustrations
Taylor & Francis publishers: London & N.Y.
ISBN 0 85066802 6

Review published in the July 1997 issue Ergonomics in Design, The Magazine of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society (p. 34).

Table of Contents

Preface (E Nigel Corlett)

Notes on Contributors

  • Introduction (R. Lueder, K. Noro)
  • Sasyaku: a user-oriented approach for seating (K. Noro)
  • Adjustability in context (R. Lueder)
  • Three myths of ergonomic seating (M. J. Dainoff)
  • Use of adjustable VDT stands in an office setting (P. Cornell, D. Kokot)
  • VDT chair and work-surface heights (K. Ohno, G. Sakazume, M. Iwasaki)
  • Overcoming anthropometric barriers to computer-human modeling for seat design and evaluation (J. A. Roebuck, Jr.)
  • Anthropometry and advanced ergonomic chairs (M. J. Dainoff, J. Balliett, P. Goernert)
  • Effects of posture on mental performance: we think faster on our feet than on our seat (M. Vercruyssen, K. Simonton)
  • Our posture dictates perception (Y. Haruki, M. Suzuki)
  • Low back pain and seating (T. Bendix)
  • Continuous passive lumbar motion in seating (S. M. Reinecke, R. G. Hazard)
  • Effects of body position and centre-of-gravity on tolerance of seated postures (S. Reinecke, G. Weisman, M. H. Pope)
  • Influence of furniture height on posture and back pain (A. C. Mandal)
  • Sitting (or standing?) at the computer workplace (K. H. E. Kroemer)
  • Measurement of lumbar and pelvic motion during sitting (S. Reinecke, K. Coleman, M. Pope)
  • Does it matter that people are shaped differently, yet backrests are built the same? (R. Lueder, E. N. Corlett, C. Danielson, G. C. Greenstein, J. Hsieh, R. Phillips and DesignWorks/USA)
  • The biomechanical relationship of seat design to the human anatomy (J. A. Sember III)
  • The biomechanical assessment and prediction of seat comfort (C. M. Gross, R. S. Goonetilleke, K. K. Menon, J. C. N. Banaag, C. M. Nair)
  • A fuzzy expert system for allocating chairs to elementary school children (K. Noro, T. Fujita)
  • The prevention of back pain in school children (A. C. Mandal)
  • Fitting the chair to the school child in Korea (Am Cho)
  • A procedure for allocating chairs for school children (T. Hibaru, T. Watanabe)
  • The classification of physical disabilities in the design of products and spaces (T. Koga)
  • Seating for pregnant workers based on subjective symptoms and motion analysis (N. Hiaro, M. Kajiyama)
  • Seating and access to work (E. N. Corlett, H. Gregg)
  • An ergonomic study of dynamic seating (Y. Suzuki, T. Sugano, T. Kato)
  • The functional requirements of forward-tilting office chairs (M. Shiraishi, Y. Ueno)
  • Evaluating office chairs with value analysis (K. Morooka, H. Takeshita)
  • Towards systematic descriptions of chair performance (C. Grant, N. Goldberg)
  • Office seating and movement (I. Festervoll)
  • The study of lumbar motion in seating (H. Serber)
  • Ergonomics standards and legislative trends for VDTs (M. C. Volesky, P. F. Allie)
  • Office 2000 (L. B. Kruk)

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We all need to move – but all movements and postures are not the same

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