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Rethinking work ergonomics


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Children & cities  |  Design child places & products (book)  |  Child design  |  Elder cities

Ergonomics of custodial work (Donald Cohen, LA Times)

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Good Ergonomics = Good Economics Hal Hendrick (pdf)  ©HFES

Bernardino Ramazzini, 17th century father Ergonomics

What is Ergonomics and Human Factors?

Alternative keyboards & input devices

Ergonomics review of alternative keyboards
Rani Lueder and Chris Grant

NIOSH on keyboard ergonomics alternatives  |  pdf
National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health

More alternative keyboards, mouse & other input devices

Sitting postures & seating




New!  Dynamic seating, active sitting or what?  (Rani Lueder, ErgoExpo 2013)

Sitting, seating & symptoms (Rani Lueder, ErgoExpo 2010)

Rethinking sitting & ergonomic seating (Rani Lueder, 2003)

Ergonomics review of Balans seating   |   Cites / abstracts   |   900 kb pdf
Nov 2010 by Rani Lueder Courtesy of VarierUSA

The case for and against movements for its own sake (2005)
Ergonomics review  |  Research  |  Courtesy of Allsteel

Arm support & chair armrests:   Ergonomics review
by Rani Lueder & Paul Allie    Courtesy of Steelcase

Sitting postures & seating  |  ErgoExpo 2001

Second look at standard seat height guidelines  (1986)
This review is dated (written in 1986), but still true.
Influenced at least one national guideline.

Nottingham sit/stand seating  |  Glossary of postures
(No, we don’t sell these or any other chairs.)

Flash & PowerPoint slide shows of sit/stand seating by EN Corlett

"The Chair" by Galen Cranz (review of her seating book)

Chair evaluations, BIFMA Chair Measuring Device
BIFMA CMD evaluates compliance with ergonomic guidelines

Musical chairs (1900)  |  Zen sitting vs. Western seating (ErgoExpo, 2007)

Anthropometrics for adultschildren  &  disabled

Ergonomics for children

Ergonomics & design for children  |  Ergonomics for children (book)

Child Ergonomics ErgoExpo  |  Flash & PowerPoint presentations

Cities for children  |  Children / adults  |  Ergonomic adults vs children?

Looking back: Children, ergonomics & standards  |  download pdf  (Lueder, 2010)

Ergonomics and aging

Designing cities for the elderly  |  Windows & community

Simulated aging: Student design projects  |  Elder projects

Vision & lighting

Solving VDT reflections by Mark Rea  |  Visual ergonomics by Dennis Ankrum

Neck posturesvision  |  Monitor tilt  &  lighting by  Dennis Ankrum


RULA  |  Discomfort scale & cites  |  Stadiometers  |  EMGs  |  CMD

Anatomy  |  Medical search engines  |  Free medical journals

Occupational injuries

Economic consequence musculoskeletal disorders  (700K pdf)

95% Workers Comp cases in CT not reported (50K pdf)

Bureau of Labor Statistics under-represents injuries
by Rani Lueder, CPE

How BLS distorts injury data (700K pdf, OCR-scanned)
Original BLS J article (not OCR-scanned, (1 MB pdf)
from the American J Industrial Medicine.

More workplace ergonomics  &  worksite injury data  |  MSDs

Ergonomics guidelines, standards & laws

Revisiting Office Ergonomic Guidelines by Dennis Ankrum

National Safety Council withdraws ANSI Z365/CTDs  (20K pdf)

Current  &  pending European ergonomic standards  |  pdf

Safety oversight  |  Ergonomic standards  |  Legal resources

Office ergonomics

Behavioral ergonomics (AIHA workshop)

Download Intro: History / evolution of the office   (2 MB pdf)

in The Ergonomics Payoff; Design electronic office (Holt)

Ergonomics Societies

HFES website: What members told us (survey)
Download that HFES issue  (160K pdf)   ©HFES 2003

Revisiting ergonomics  by Rani Lueder  |  pdf

Human Factors  (63K pdf)  ©HFES

More Ergonomics and related associations

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