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ErgoExpo: Seating ergonomics


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Ergonomics of sitting & seating
ErgoExpo workshop handouts (flash file)
presented by Rani Lueder, CPE at ErgoExpo ’01
The National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition

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Seat height revisited. Corlett and Eklund 1984, How does a backrest work
From Corlett & Eklund (1984)
How does a backrest work?
Graphic with permission

Rani Lueder has consulted in occupational ergonomics and product design research since 1982.  Her activities in sitting and seating include co-organizing the Second International Symposium on Seating, held in Tokyo.  Her second edited book, on sitting postures (Taylor & Francis), is sold worldwide.  Since 1988, she continues to consult on sitting posture on extended retainer for a range of organizations in Japan.  She served on the seating subcommittee for the American National Standard Institute guideline ANSI HFES 100-2007. She has consulted in the design of more than 250 lines of seat design and other products that support posture.  She edited the book Ergonomics for Children;  Designing products & places for toddlers to teens (2008, Taylor & Francis)


More sitting postures & ergonomic seating


Rethinking Sitting, Seating and Symptoms
presented by Rani Lueder, CPE
at NECE / ErgoExpo 2010

Case against movement for its own sake
Courtesy of Allsteel  |  Abstracts

Rethinking sitting   htm    pdf    zip

Seat height revisited  by Rani Lueder

Chair armrests & arm support:
An ergonomics review

Ergonomics of sitting & seating
ErgoExpo 2001 workshop

Sit/stand seating Nottingham IOE
Sit-stand seating Nigel Corlett

Lumbar Spine in Sitting
by E Nigel Corlett

Anthropometrics for adults, children &  people with disabilities


Certificant, Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics

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