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                      Safety goggles         Ergonomics humor about Roy Mercer related to vision and lighting and vehicle and car drivingErgonomics humor, comics, jokes and laughter on sitting, vision, ergonomics, ergonomic safety, symptoms, disorders and injury

Thanks to the creators of  Roy D Mercer

Ergonomic tools versus ergonomics training?

Why ergonomics training won’t fix bad design  |  Behind the fall

Musical chairs (1900 film)  |  Bad things happen with new office chairs

You’ll never see this French ad for ergonomic car seating in the US   Hyundai

Darwin award:  Man drowns in kitchen sink  C’mon, the sink didn’t exactly help.

Urban legends  |  Science  |  Warnings  |  CTDs  |  Error haikus  |  Last word

User stereotypes in product design.    if you still remember typewriters.

Sports ergonomics in Japan:  New ways of looking at posture. 

Street designs  |  Built environments: public or private?

Scientific doubletalk  When facts are inconvenient.

Do women rotate feet differently than men?

Why women live longer than men  |  Ditto

Why so little ergo data on toddlers?

                     Nobody Here’s amazing stream of consciousness...

Design within reach?    Range of motion (click fingers)

Roll & click your mouse   Lighting and psychosocial factors

Click the übermensch    When he forgets his computer glasses...

Biomechanics in action        To horribly misquote the Grateful Dead . . .
Now and again it occurs to me... we are all moving with the help of gravity.

Human-machine systems     Don’t forget to activate the displays & controls

Ummmm... Isn’t that supposed to be  ’comfort is the absence of discomfort’?

Will world-wide web ever be user-friendly?   Above all, know your user

Our gratitude to "Nobody" (Jogchem Niemandsverdreit) for his forbearance.

Not exactly ergonomics, but still wonderful

Rani’s excellent Antarctic adventure  5.3MBdownload pdf  |  Background

Honda’s remarkable Rube Goldberg machine   |   How Honda did it

PBS alternative to William Shakespeare’s Othello... umm – usability?

The Journey of Mankind   Bradshaw Foundation & Stephen Oppenheimer

Animal ergonomics?

Tyson the dog skates  and  recovers from a fall

Walrus working out  |  Walrus exercising  |  Cat water leak

Dolphins play with bubbles  |  Crow uses tool   (also on YouTube)

Chimps may count differently than humans, but they are also beating us

Monkey walks


Dan Stokol’s Comic Relief

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