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Environmental Design Technical Group archives

March 1976 TG (7-1) (470 K)

Environmental Design research topics
Review: Environmental psychology

September 1976 TG (7-3) (849 K)

Williamson/Architectural programming
McVey/ED media rooms; Humanscale

December 1976 TG (7-4) (1 MB)

Edberg/ED conference; McVey media room etc.

March 1977 TG (8-1) (470 K)

Woodson ED/HF issues; Bliss/ ASID; Bennett/Somner
Phillips/Barrier free design; McVey cont.

June 1977 TG (8-2) (320 K)

Cerf-Beare/Seasons and ED
McVey/View distance, screen size and more

December 1977 TG (8-4) (320 K)

Pompidou Center; Bennett/ED issues; etc.

March 1978 TG (9-1) (470 K)

Kleeman/conducting ED research
Kaplan / ED dilemma; Russel /Theater design

June 1978 TG (9-2) (325 K)

Bennett/ED analogies; Kleeman/EDRA
Kaplan/Space orientation

Sept. 1978 TG (9-3) (300 K)

Bennett/lighting; Kleeman/space-time
Russel/theater design; ED quotes

December 1978 TG (9-4) (317 K)

Kleeman/GSA study; Russel/theater design
Kaplan/Environmental Design-Control theory

March 1979 TG (10-1) (1 MB)

Ostberg/VDTs; Kaplan/Vision
Russel/Theater Science

Sept. 1979 TG (10-3) (670 K)

Afzali and Bennett/Space and time
Kaplan/Env Des. Theory; Kleeman conf.

Sept. 1994 TG (25-3) (583 K)

Kleeman/Seating Jurisprudence
CWED Env Design conference, etc.

May 1998 TG (30-1) (150 K)

Wise/HF of Underground/EDRA/Green buildings
Lueder/web databases

May 1999 TG (31-1) (172 K)

Jake Pauls/stair safety; Kleeman/space and time
Wise/EDRA; Lueder/web resources


New Env. Design TG www.edtg.hfes.org  often down

Former Env. Design TG

Environmental Design


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