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Cyberg 2005


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CybErg ergonomics in cyberspace

CybErg 2005 is the Fourth International Cyberspace Conference on Ergonomics


CybErg 2005 is the leading online conference on ergonomics and human factors.  Online conferences are considerably less expensive to organize – and they pass on these savings to you (so please attend next time).

Although both CybErg 2002 & 2005 have ended, those conference organizers have graciously made CybErg papers and forums open to all.

The CybErg 2005 conference emphasized the understanding and designing for diversity, hence the conference title "Meeting diversity in cyber/online ergonomics".

Presentations focused on these themes:

  • Physical Ergonomics  includes repetitive strain injuries, work-rest schedules, anthropometry, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, workplace layout, and manual materials handling.
  • Cognitive Ergonomics  includes human error, mental workload, naturalistic decision making, situation awareness, augmented cognition, and adaptive interfaces.
  • Human Computer Interaction  includes computer-mediated communication, augmented reality, ubiquitous computing, online communities, cross-cultural interfaces, and interface accessibility.
  • Health and Safety  includes occupational health and hygiene, shift work, vibration, and epidemiological studies.
  • Ergonomics methods  includes ethnography, participatory design, organizational design, low-cost interventions, and usability testing.
  • Community Ergonomics Development  includes diverse user communities, community informatics, mobile communities, macro-ergonomics, and communication and education.

Visit Cyberg’s website or the CybErg 1999 CybErg 2002 &  2005 papers and discussions.

CybErg 2005 ergonomics conference chair

Dr Andrew Thatcher
Chair, CybErg 2005

Dr Andrew Thatcher
Discipline of Psychology
School of Human & Community Development
University of the Witwatersrand
WITS, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 717 4533
Fax: +27 11 717 4559

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