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We value your privacy. We don’t collect personal information about you unless you decide to communicate with us. We strive to keep your communications to us private. We do not use cookies.

However, our website logs do track general website usage. We mainly review this information to help us understand how we can rectify problems (such as bad links) or to improve the quality of our website content.

These logs provide pretty much the same sort of data as those collected by other websites. In particular, these logs often record the server used while visiting our site. In this case, we might usually see the name of your DSL / cable / internet provider. If you have your own server, we may in some cases be able to see the associated domain name.


All Rights Reserved. This web site ©2002 by Rani Lueder, CPE, Humanics Ergonomics and the respective copyright holders of any additional content used on this site.

You may view and download the content on this website for personal uses that are also not for profit.

Humanics Ergonomics and Rani Lueder jointly own full copyright to this web site and to its proprietary logo, graphics, research and other information on the site. Any non-personal use of such proprietary content requires prior written agreement.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the proper use of our proprietary research, graphics or other content.

This site also includes research, articles and graphics where a third party maintains the copyright. Whenever we believed there was a copyright issue, we contacted that party independently and asked their permission to use that copyrighted material.

Our use of their proprietary materials does not indicate that you have any right to use that information for non-personal reasons, or on your web site without their permission. Absent their written agreement, assume you do not have the right to use their content.

Please contact those parties directly if you wish to use their copyrighted information or if you have questions on how to properly attribute their research you wish to cite.

Feel free to contact us if you need help in locating those parties.

This site also has some information that is publicly available. This situation typically occurs when a government or non-profit agency indicates that the material is available for public use when the outside party complies with their stipulated terms.

Please read the copyright terms made on those organization’s web sites for this information.

Although we believe we have done our best to properly attribute content, it is always possible that we have misunderstood or incorrectly attributed copyright or that the copyright terms associated with that content have changed since that time.

If you suspect or are aware of any potential violation of copyright rules, please let us know.


This is a general audience web site that can largely be used by all age groups... although here and there the ergonomics humor section might be a bit over the top for small children.

We try to avoid inaccuracies and update these as they become apparent. Even so, please do not rely on content on this site for personal, medical, legal or other decisions without independently verifying this information.

We would appreciate it if you would let us know if you know of erroneous or obsolete content on our site.




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