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Ergonomics review: Balans seating


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This white paper reviews the scientific literature relevant to the design and use of the Balans® seat concept, and compares it with conventional and alternative seating.

The Balans® seating concept was developed in the 1970's by Hans Christian Mengshoel and designer Peter Opsvik in response to a growing recognition of the limitations of conventional seating from Mandal (1976).

This Balans design is characterized by an open thigh-torso angle and lower leg support that flex (bend) the knees and support balanced movement. Although often referred to as a "kneeling chair" or a "knee-supported chair", the actual locus of lower leg support on the Balans seat is below the knees and at the shin to reduce potential loading at the knees.

Ergonomics review of Balans seating (900kb pdf)
November 2010 by Rani Lueder, CPE

Courtesy of VarierUSA and Varier International.

Comments by designer Peter Opsvik.

Selected abstracts from the report (page in development)

Unpublished paper cited in review
(4.2 MB pdf of unpublished paper by Kruger, 1984 in German)

Seat Ergonomics ErgoExpo pres.  |  Slides
National Ergonomics Conference & Expo, Las Vegas. Dec. 1, 2010

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