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Austin Ergonomics Roundtable meetings


About our next meeting

Rani Lueder and Tom Rowell alternately organize Roundtable meetings*.

Tom Rowell will run the upcoming meeting, scheduled for December 12, 2014.

Where:     LRCA building, 3700 Lake Austin Blvd (just west of Mopac). There is a parking garage.

Past Austin Ergonomics Roundtable meeting handouts

Handouts: OSHA Health & Safety Update (Joann Natarajan, September 2014 meeting)
Joann Natarajan's presentation about new directions at OSHA
Rani Lueder's slide introduction to the meeting

Thanks to Keith Land and The City of Austin for the room.
Thanks to UpLiftDesk and The Human Solution for sponsoring lunch

Comparison of Sit-to-Stand and Stand-Biased Desks in a Call Center (Meghan Kress, May 2014 meeting)
Meghan Kress' presentation of her Texas A&M sit-stand study with Dr. Mark Benden

Dynamic seating, active sitting or what?  (Rani Lueder, February 2014 meeting)
Download handouts  (Rani Lueder, February 2014 meeting)

More seating ergonomics  |  Anthropometry: Adultschildren  &  disabilities

"For what it's worth"

$75 dollar Registration discount coupon to attend ErgoExpo 2014, courtesy of Varier USA

About the upcoming meeting of the 2014 Annual International HFES Convention,
by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
this October 2731, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Illinois.


* Miriam Joffe founded and ran the Austin Ergonomics Roundtable prior to her move to Washington State.


Certificant, Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics

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