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Regression Plots, Zone 1 Equivalent Thumbtip Reaches with the Left Hand from the Right Cockpit to the Canopy Emergency Jettison T-Handle, a Hook Operated Control in the Left Cockpit of the T-37B. This control is mounted in the left bulkhead. These data apply if the occupant of the right cockpit must, in an emergency, reach through the left cockpit to actuate this control under Zone 1 reach conditions. The values are clustered, since this control is not only close to shoulder level, but at a great distance. The purpose in reporting reaches to this control is to illustrate an impossibly large reach capability requirement that would be necessary in an emergency if the copilot must have his shoulder harness tight and locked - admittedly, an impossibly large reach under an unlikely condition. Zone 1 Equivalent Thumbtip Reach (full-up seat) = Sitting Shoulder Height X 0.235 + 42.155, r = 0.069. N = <10.