The documentation on which this web site is based consists of the manuscript of a proposed United States Air Force technical report to be authored by the author of this web site and G.F. Zehner, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH. As with this site, its title was to have been "Anthropometric Accommodation in Aircraft Cockpits,  A Methodology for Examination." It was completed and delivered to the Air Force in September 1998. In part because of the severe reduction of Laboratory emphasis and interest in technical reports, it languished. For that reason, it was retrieved in April 2001 by the intended first author and prepared for web publication. The proposed second author was not permitted to participate as an author of a web site. However, he and others, are listed as contributors. 

A second source was the script, also prepared by this author, for an instructional compact disc also of the same title. This effort has been completed and is authored by  D.A. Dixon, G.F. Zehner, K.W. Kennedy, P.S. Files, and J.A. Hudson. It was released in 1998. Reference to it can be found in the Annotated Bibliography section of this site.  

Personnel of the Design Technology Branch AL/CFHD, Armstrong Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio participated, as did the staffs of Anthropology Research Project, Inc., Yellow Springs, Ohio, and Sytronics, Inc., Dayton, Ohio. The former under USAF contract F33615-89-C-0572, "Human Morphometrics, Motion, and Performance Research."  The latter, beginning in the Fall of 1993, participated under USAF contract # F41624-93-C-6001, "Scientific Visualization of Anthropometry for Research and Design:"  K.M. Robinette, of the Design Technology Branch, Armstrong Laboratory, was contract manager for both contracts.  

The author of this web site was a consultant to the Air Force as a subcontractor from 1991 through 1999, first through Anthropology Research Project, Inc. and, later, to Sytronics, Inc.   

Initial financial support for this effort came from the Design Technology Branch and the Flight Training Systems Project Office, ASD/YT, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.  Initially, then Maj. Julie Cohen, ASD/YTE, was the responsible officer.  Mr. Larry Ivey, of the same organization, became the responsible officer in late 1992. 

I extend my appreciation to the many people at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Randolph Air Force Base, Air Force Academy, Patuxent River NAS, Corpus Christi NAS, for making available several aircraft for our examination and to the several domestic and foreign aircraft companies participating in the EFS (Enhanced Flight Screener) and JPATS (Joint Primary Aircraft Training System) development programs for making their candidate aircraft available for our examination.

I also extend my appreciation to Ilse Tebbetts, Anthropology Research Project, Inc. for editing the original manuscript for this effort, and to Jennifer Schinhofen, also of Anthropology Research Project, Inc. and Tina Brill, of Sytronics Inc., Dayton, Ohio for preparing the many early drafts.

K.W. Kennedy prepared this internet publication.