Anthropometric Accommodation
in Aircraft Cockpits:
Methodologies for Examination
1 June 2001

Kenneth W. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Yellow Springs, OH
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GO       Purpose

GO       Preface

GO       List of Figures

GO       List of Tables

GO       Introduction

GO       Preliminary Measurements

GO       Maximum Sitting Height Accommodation

GO       Vision from the Cockpit to Outside and Toward the Instrument Panels

GO       Static Knee, Leg and Torso Ejection Clearances

GO       Operational Leg Clearances with the Main Instrument Panel

GO       Operational Leg Clearances with Control Stick / Wheel Envelopes

GO       Rudder Pedal Operation

GO       Hand Reach to Controls

GO       Using the Data

GO       Anthropometric Dimensions

GO       Annotated Bibliography